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According to a recently published Rolling Stone article, the long rumored live document of CSNY’s infamous 1974 “Doom Tour” is close to completion, and could be in stores as early as this August.

Graham Nash, who has been the primary mover behind the long-delayed project, had the following to say about it:

“It’s going to fuckin’ stun people. We only multi-tracked eight or nine shows from the tour, and we’ve chosen the best from those gigs. We’ve had to do a little tuning, but not that much…But the spirit of the band! If I take myself out the band and look at it, it was a fuckin’ great band.”

Upon hearing what his partner Graham has been up to, David Crosby added:

“I want to call it What Could Possibly Go Wrong?. I’m going to dig my heels and seriously fight for that. You can’t hear that without laughing your head off. It’s important to look at yourselves with a sense of humor in retrospect and realize what gigantic egos we had and what idiots we were.”

Stay tuned.

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With the Alchemy tour currently in a holding pattern between the recently concluded shows in Australia, and the forthcoming legs in Europe and America, things have been a little quiet of late on the Neil Young and Crazy Horse front.

But there have been a few recent news items that got our attention – not the least of which were the recent comments from Frank “Poncho” Sampedro regarding the future of Crazy Horse published by Rolling Stone:

“Our shows are physical. It takes a lot of energy to play that much. It just seems at some point something is going to break. I already had an operation on my thumb. Neil’s wrist bugs him, and he has to tape it when he plays. You can’t fool time. You can’t count on this happening again in five years.”

That quote, along with several others in the interview, have led to widespread speculation that the Alchemy tour – along with its expected concert film and live album – could spell the end of the long, twisted road for Crazy Horse.

Interestingly, a number of internet news outlets who’ve picked up on the story, have taken Poncho’s comments one step further by suggesting this could indeed be Neil Young’s last tour period.

As for our take on this? Let’s just say we’re a bit skeptical.

While we do agree that what Poncho had to say about the future of Crazy Horse does carry some weight, it should also be said that neither Poncho or Neil himself said anything about Neil Young retiring from live performances altogether.

That said, it makes perfect sense that Alchemy could be Crazy Horse’s final tour. In fact, should the band hold to their usual pattern of years and decades between playing together, that much is kind of a given, considering their rapidly advancing ages and mortality alone.

But our best guess is that Neil Young probably has at least one acoustic tour left in him.

As for the Horse, if Alchemy really does represent their last hurrah, their recent Australian run in particular suggests they are going out with a bang, rather than a whimper. The setlists alone prove that right now, pretty much anything is possible. “T-Bone” anyone?

Our advice? See them while you still can.

In other news, we were also pleased to hear that Neil Young’s energy efficient, ethanol fueled 1959 Lincoln Continental – the Linc-Volt – is apparently alive and well, and that Neil has been road-testing it in recent weeks, during the downtime between tour legs.

Neil was also on hand to wish his good friend and Farm-Aid partner Willie Nelson a Happy Birthday (Willie turns 80 on April 30). He joined a number of other music stars including Sting, Dave Matthews, Norah Jones and Grace Potter in doing so.

You wouldn’t want to hear us attempt anything similar – trust us on that – but we would like to add our own voice to the many in wishing this seemingly immortal American institution a Happy 80th!

Speaking of birthdays (or perhaps anniversaries), next Wednesday will mark one year since the publication of our own Neil Young FAQ book.

It’s been a great year. The book received mostly great reviews (and admittedly, a few not so great ones). But the greatest thing about the experience is the way that the Neil Young fan community embraced Neil Young FAQ pretty much from day one.

So from the bottom of our hearts, thanks again Rusties. Long May You Run!

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As regular visitors to this site already know, every once in awhile – usually when we are sitting home bored on a Friday night – we like to comb the internet in search of rare Neil Young video footage.

A few weeks ago for example, we hit pay dirt when we came across some great pro-shot footage from CSNY’s infamous 1974 Doom Tour.

But that doesn’t even come close to what we found tonight. Are you ready for Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young…and Jones?

This 1969 clip, from the then top-rated Tom Jones variety TV show, features the Welsh powerhouse belting out the lead vocal on David Crosby’s “Long Time Gone” – with backing from the rest of CSNY – and doing a damn impressive job of it in our own humble opinion.

The clip is also noteworthy for Stephen Stills equally impassioned background wails – at times the two of them seem to be trying outpower one another, in much the same way that Stills and Neil Young have often been known to do in their infamous onstage guitar shootouts.

We also were pleasantly surprised to come across video – also apparently pro-shot – from a June 1970 CSNY concert at the legendary Fillmore East.

In the clip below, CSNY are seen doing a beautifully harmonized, acoustic version of Neil’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart,” with Stills on standup bass:

Better still is this gorgeous version of Neil Young’s Buffalo Springfield classic “On The Way Home.” This version is pretty close to the one that appears on CSNY’s live 4 Way Street album.

There is also kind of a telling, funny bit toward the end where Neil seems to be marveling over a high note hit by Stills on the harmony vocal.

Either that, or it’s just another trademark case of CSNY bickering amongst themselves.

Great stuff!

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