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What can we say? Here at the NYFAQ blog, we are truly “whores for hits.”

The last time we posted up any of the “found footage” from CSNY’s 1974 “Doom Tour,” we came very close to setting a new record for web traffic here. So tonight, in anticipation of the official CSNY 1974 tour box that is apparently coming to a store near you this August, we thought we’d give it another go.

The one thing we discovered searching YouTube for such hidden treasure, is that there is a wealth of video – most of it pro-shot – from CSNY’s 1974 show at London’s Wembley Stadium.

For those of you with the patience to sit in front of a computer screen for three hours, there is even a very good video document of the entire show available (which we will provide a link for below).

While we don’t know whether or not the upcoming “Doom Tour” boxed set is drawn from this source – or whether it will be video or just audio, or even if it will be a boxed-set at all – we do know that the “bootlegged” material out there, particularly from Wembley, is better than it really has any right to be. This is especially true given both the time and the technology of the period it was shot.

It really is surprisingly good. Starting with this, a nice version of the then relatively still-unheard song, “Traces”:

The Wembley show also featured several songs with Joni Mitchell, including this one that everyone already knows.

Neil Young’s Harvest was, of course, already a mega-hit at the time of this show. But hearing “Old Man” being given the full CSNY treatment, in a stadium – and with Joni Mitchell’s own considerable ego fighting for mike-time with the rest of the guys, no less – had to be a treat for the Brits.

It looks – and sounds – just as sweet here:

One of the nicer rarities we found from Wembley, is this sweet sounding version of “Pushed It Over The End.”

This early version, still sounds like a work in progress to our ears. Both Stills and Nash are on the keys, with Neil and David Crosby handling the guitar parts. Unfortunately, this means little in the way of any real fireworks. There’s no Stills/Young guitar shootouts here, and the song meanders a bit towards the end.

But it’s still a nice snapshot of CSNY at the time, working through what was then still a very fresh, new Neil Young song.

Getting back to more familiar territory is this nice version of “Only Love Can Break Your Heart.” Nice harmonies from Crosby Stills & Nash on this one.

For those with the patience to watch the entire thing, video of the complete 1974 Wembley Stadium show can be found here.

Update: Well, that didn’t take long. Less than 24 hours after we posted them, two of the original 1974 CSNY Wembley clips we used were removed from YouTube. I suppose we should have seen that one coming. Apologies to all looking for “Don’t Be Denied” and “Ohio.” Hopefully our replacements won’t suffer the same fate…

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Neil Young FAQ turned one year old yesterday.

Of all the reviews and notices we’ve received since the book was first published on May 1, 2012, this “video review” from Biography Book Mix really sticks out…though perhaps not always for the right reasons.

It’s not so much a “review” as it is a computer voice reading our book description as it appears on the back cover, and at places like Amazon.

As you may have noticed, the computer sometimes gets things a little lost in translation (anyone else remember the “Gee-fen years?”). It’s kind of like the Trans review, you might say…

But who gives a FAQ?

Happy “facking” birthday to us!

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