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New West Records has announced details on Pegi Young’s fourth album, to be titled Lonely In A Crowded Room.

The album, officially credited to Pegi Young And The Survivors, features a mix of original new songs by Pegi Young, as well as a selection of covers from Allen Toussaint and Irma Thomas (“Ruler Of My Heart”); Spooner Oldham (“Lonely Women Make Good Lovers”); and Jerry Ragovoy (“Don’t Let Me Be Lonely”).

The album will be released by New West on 10/27/14. Here is the complete track list:

I Be Weary
Better Livin’ Through Chemicals
Ruler Of My Heart
Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
Feel Just Like A Memory
In My Dreams
Walking On The Tightrope
Blame It On Me


Pegi Young And The Survivors will also be supporting the release with a handful of West Coast shows, with more sure to follow.

Here are the tour dates announced thus far:

10/30/14 Seattle, WA Rendezvous Jewelbox Theater
11/02/14 Vancouver, Canada The Media Club
11/07/14 Los Angeles, CA THE MINT
11/09/14 San Juan Capistrano, CA THE COACH HOUSE

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Earlier this week, the release of Neil Young’s new single “Who’s Gonna’ Stand Up?” was announced both via Neil Young’s official website and in a press release issued by Warner/Reprise Records.

A typically barn storming, “rusty” sounding version of the new song was first previewed for European audiences this summer on Neil Young’s tour with Crazy Horse, and was also performed in an acoustic version at this year’s annual Farm-Aid benefit show.

According to the press release from Warner Bros., the song will also appear on Neil Young’s upcoming Storeytone album (amended from the earlier reported spelling of Storytone), due out this November. Based on everything we have heard, the version that will presumably be appearing on Storeytone is the orchestral version, which we have posted immediately below:

Orchestral Version

Here are the other two versions of “Who’s Gonna’ Stand Up?” – the live, full band version with Crazy Horse, and the solo acoustic version – made available this week by Neil Young and Reprise Records.

Live with Crazy Horse

Acoustic Version

Warner Bros. was also kind enough to post this lyric sheet for this great new song, which the press release goes on to describe as a “plea to end our dependence of fossil fuels and realize our responsibility to protect our earth’s fragile eco systems to ensure the quality of life for future generations.”


To learn more visit Neil Young’s official website.

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First off, we humbly apologize to all of our loyal readers for the lack of recent updates, and want to thank those of you who have stuck it out with us anyway during our self-imposed summer sabbatical.

But at least part of the reason for the inactivity here is that, up until recently anyway, there just hasn’t been that much to report on coming out of the Neil Young camp.

With Crazy Horse performing basically the same exact setlists – with only the rare and occasional minor twist here and there – across Europe most of this summer, any daily tour reports seemed pretty pointless and redundant to us. However, much has obviously changed in just the past two weeks.


We were also somewhat reluctant to report the sad, surprising news about the impending Neil & Pegi Young divorce.

We like to think of the Neil Young FAQ blog as a trusted, reliable go-to news source for the fans. But we also aspire to be the sort of place that Rusties can find out all the latest about the music, and prefer to leave the sordid details about Neil Young’s personal life to the celebrity gossip sheets like TMZ and the like.

That said, we were obviously saddened, and to be perfectly honest, more than a little shocked to hear that what we had always thought of as one of the more solid, and certainly longer lasting marriages in the entertainment world was, to quote a rather obvious lyric here, “headed for the big divorce, California style.”

There have been very few details about this reported in the press, and truthfully speaking, we’d probably rather not know anyway. One has to assume though that both Neil & Pegi’s ongoing involvement in the lives of their special needs children and in related projects like the Bridge School, would indicate they would be maintaining an amicable, professional relationship at the very least.

Either way, we wish them both the best.


In other news, we were much more excited to hear the reports about a new Neil Young album said to be coming as soon as this November. Based on what we know so far about Storytone though, that excitement comes with an equal measure of healthy concern about what may actually be headed our way with this album.

What we know for sure is that anyone expecting what most fans would traditionally call either “Quiet Neil” or “Loud Neil,” could be in for some major disappointment. In fact, based on the reports currently making the rounds out there on the interwebs, Storytone sounds far more likely to be something like “Orchestral Neil.” Early word is that Neil Young has been recording the album with German-born composer and arranger Chris Walden and producer Niko Bolas.

Young has been talking about an orchestral project for awhile now, recently telling Billboard magazine that “I’d like to make a record with a full-blown orchestra, live — a mono recording with one mic. I want to do something like that where we really record what happened, with one point of view and the musicians moved closer and farther away, the way it was done in the past. To me that’s a challenge and it’s a sound that’s unbelievable, and you can’t get it any other way. So I’m into doing that.”

If you think that this sounds suspiciously like a cross between the recent lo-fi approach of this year’s A Letter Home with Jack White, and another of Young’s genre experiments – the big band blues of This Note’s For You – you wouldn’t be alone.

But you might also be forgiven for thinking that Neil may be veering precariously close to repeating his notorious eighties string of unpredictably wild and often wacky releases. In fact, of Neil Young’s last three albums – and four now, if we are counting Storytone – only one, 2012’s Psychedelic Pill with Crazy Horse, has contained the sort of music that most fans might normally expect to find on a Neil Young record.

The involvement of Niko Bolas likewise throws an “interesting” curve into the mix. Bolas has been involved in both your classic Neil Young records like Freedom, and considerably less spectacular sounding efforts like Landing On Water.

So the good news is that Storytone sounds like it will be “interesting” (there’s that word again). While it is obviously far too early to presume judgment on a record no one has even heard yet, and we welcome any new report of Neil Young once again further stretching his artistic muse, we just hope this falls more toward the Greendale side of “inneresting,” than towards something like the Shocking Pinks.

We’ll hold our tongues for now, and see what happens come November.

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