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After what has seemed like a forever-long wait — beginning way back last summer when the tickets first went on sale — it’s almost showtime for all of us long-suffering Rusties here in Seattle. The “Past. Present. Future,” “Alchemy 2012,” or whatever they are calling the Neil Young/Crazy Horse reunion tour these days, finally makes its Seattle stop tonight at Key Arena.

Earlier this week, I purchased one of those soundbar thingies to compliment my HD-TV, and couldn’t think of a better way to test it out than by cranking up my bootleg Weld DVD up good and loud tonight. As I am sure my poor neighbors will confirm, it passed the test with flying colors too.

But for those of you who don’t happen to live on my block, I thought this sampling of videos from the 1991 Ragged Glory/Weld tour might serve as a nice little warmup for tonight.

First up, is this montage of fans from the Weld DVD. Now, I know that Thrasher already put this up on his site earlier this week. But I still couldn’t resist. Somebody really needs to consider an official release for this video.

See if you can pick out such colorful fans as “Chinese hippie guy,” “John Waite guy,” “Bucktooth Headbanger Girl” and “Headband Air-Drummer guy” here (hint: you’ll find them all in the “Fuckin’ Up” section alone):

On The Weld DVD, “Love And Only Love” and “Rockin’ In The Free World” play together in a segueway that serves as the one of the better one-two punches of any Neil Young concert video I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find that exact clip on YouTube, so this version (in two parts) will have to do.

Neil has been opening up most (if not all) of the shows on the current tour with this gem from Ragged Glory, and it sounds as good as ever here:

Of course, it goes without saying in the case of a great segue like this, that you can’t have one without the other. So in the interest of properly capturing the moment, here is the second half of that great sequence from the Weld DVD.

This clip is also notable, because “Bucktooth Headbanger Girl” and the rest of the gang from that video are back in full force here:

See you all tomorrow night at the Key in Seattle (and for you hardcore Rusties, at the pre-show get-together at Floyds Place). We will also have our review of the show up here on the NYFAQ site (and elsewhere) on Sunday.


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